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We came from a different universe to schwift up your programmatic world. From direct traffic sources to high-impact ads inventory with a massive global reach and high viewability. Minimize your Efforts and Maximize control with our technology. Trust us, we are mad scientists.


We provide Intelligent solution for sophisticated buying and selling across multi channels devices effortless.

Earn more. Period.

We are connected to top tier leading partners so expect nothing but massive reach and higher value for each click, impression and visitor.

Protect your brand

Alongside our protection technologies, we have directly integrated with top technology partners to ensure you’re safe and enjoying the highest quality possible.

Minimize your Efforts, Let the machine learn

Power of technology gives you the top notch plug & play solution with a learning algorithm that optimize bidding in real time, our machine learning your needs and work towards your ROI.


Who we are and what makes us best

crazy out-of-the-box brains

tons of experience


state of the art technology


What makes the schwiftiest platform on the market

Antifraud solutions

Manual and automatic bot filtering.

We Care

A dedicated point of contact for all your needs.

Robust targeting options

Target by geos, keywords, devices, carriers, OS versions and more.

AI-Powered Optimization Tools

Let AI optimize your campaign to an eCPA goal or set up automation rules.

Cross Channel

OpenRTB, XML, Pops, Display Banners, In-app, Native, Push Notifications - We got you covered.

Unique is Us

Whether it's Supply or Demand that you are looking for, we are unique.


From whichever world you are coming, we have a solution for you. It will schwift your expectations.


Go out there! Become an Advertiser.


Have traffic you want to sell? Become a Publisher.

Let's schwift together!

Get in touch and let us find a way to help you grow your online business.